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  • Guest Column: Experiential marketing is bae!

    All throughout my television marketing career and now during my days of being a digital entrepreneur, I have been a fan of experiential marketing. Don’t know whether it’s the effectiveness attached to the outcome or the rigour put into its creation, but experiential marketing is bae (Can’t believe I just wrote that).
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  • Trends in The Digital Ecosystem and the Talent That Would Need to Follow

    The digital consumer is evolving and so is the digital ecosystem. All of us have been immersing in this piece of news for quite a few years now. From laughing at management trainees for suggesting digital games for marketing, the top brass has come a long way and made digital education one of their key KRAs. They are also on the lookout for talent who is digital-business ready.
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  • tsbi blog


    Imagine a 3000+ work force, aged 18-30 years, working relentlessly to ensure that the organization’s objectives are met. And they work for free! I know… you want to wake me up from my little siesta and share horror stories of having to deal with job-hopping and ‘disoriented’ youngsters…
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